Thinking of buying a Karaoke? Read our guide first!

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Here are the guidelines to follow if you are thinking of buying karaoke.

Welcome to our official guide to buying karaoke. In this guide we want above all to give you professional advice so that your choice of product is a success.

Before you continue reading this article, you should know…

At KaraokeMedia we are experts in sound and we are only going to recommend you the best material. So if you want the best value for money, don’t buy low quality microphones. We recommend you start with a medium-high range microphone such as the Okebox wireless karaoke microphone, renowned for its quality and price.

Now… let’s get down to business….

This guide is divided into 2 parts:

  1. First you will find purchasing information for professional karaoke equipment, i.e. bars, discotheques or event companies.
  2. And on the other side you will find equipment such as Karaoke DVD players or home microphones for home use. So let’s move on…

Depending on what your case is, go through this guide to find the one that can help you the most.

Do you want to set up a fully autonomous karaoke?

In the following video you will get to know the only karaoke jukebox on the market.

In the following video you will be able to know the only karaoke jukebox on the market designed to collect and earn money either by renting it or leaving it in leisure businesses, restaurants, bars, etc… in collection mode… a good solution for businesses that want to have a musical service in an autonomous and profitable way, you can use it both as a jukebox (for your customers to use it) and as karaoke (they will choose the song and sing it themselves).

Our brand KaraokeMedia is the sole owner and manufacturer of OkeBox. Therefore, if you want more information about OkeBox, do not hesitate, fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.





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    Tell us a little about your idea...

    I am an events company and I want to start a karaoke rental business.

    máquina de karaoke okeboxIf you are thinking of setting up your own karaoke rental business then the sales channels indicated above may not be the most suitable because if it is a new business, you should undertake it in the most reliable and professional way possible, we mean that if you do not have a minimum training in musical equipment, sound hardware, etc… you should rely on professionals to advise you correctly and to ensure your business to overcome with guarantees any setbacks that you may have in your beginnings.

    And here it is inevitable to consider one of the most important points, if not the most important point, and it is none other than…

    A good option to start with can be second hand.

    That’s right, many new entrepreneurs in the business of musical events opt for this option because the good thing about this market is that when you buy the equipment directly from its owner he will always give you good advice on how to use it and no doubt he will give you that bit of musical knowledge that every good master of ceremonies must have before pressing play and picking up his microphone.

    The bad part, well I think this is quite obvious, you will lack quality guarantees, returns, refunds etc… So if you decide to risk buying your equipment in any of these markets our recommendation is to avoid websites like thousand ads and similar pages. Try to look for more reliable options such as equipment refurbishment or repair companies or those that deal directly with our sector.

    On our karaoke website you will find information about this and information about our equipment. (We may have something interesting to offer you in addition to the sale of the equipment).

    Where can I buy the best karaoke?

    In principle, we do not recommend buying karaoke online or on the internet, neither in department stores nor in general electronics shops. Even if these are a little more specialised in sound, as they are not necessarily specialised in karaoke.

    In this aspect the range of possibilities is considerably reduced and it is here where we can proudly say that our firm has managed to differentiate itself. Not only does it offer a range of singing programmes ideal for party halls, events, weddings etc… But it has also designed, manufactured and finally created the only portable karaoke equipment on the market of the jukebox type. This is aesthetically similar to the one from the 80’s but totally updated in terms of technology and design. Undoubtedly the best option if you want to open a karaoke business.

    OkeBox was presented at McDonald’s restaurants in Spain where it was an unprecedented success.

    Is the karaoke you wish to buy for children or for home use?

    cantar en casa

    If you are looking to buy a cheap karaoke machine for your home, or for occasional use, all you need is your voice, a TV and an internet connection. We recommend you to go to youtube where you can find a great variety of songs. Here you have our youtube karaoke channel.

    But… What are the differences between buying karaoke for family use or one for business?

    Once the million dollar question has been posed, we will differentiate both aspects in order to finally get on the right track and not make a mistake when it comes to choosing our new device.

    Buying a karaoke machine to sing at home.

    There is no doubt that over the years, music entertainment equipment has come a long way. Gone are the days of cumbersome and sometimes even dangerous wired microphones in favour of the new wireless microphones.

    Today we can find everything from portable karaokes for home use equipped with a simple DVD player, to karaoke video games for the latest generation of video game consoles or more advanced machines for private use at a relatively affordable price.

    Always make your purchases on trusted sites.

    Always shop on trusted sites

    But what if… What if you already have a karaoke and you didn’t know it?

    KaraokeMedia offers you the cheapest way to enjoy all the fun of karaoke without spending a single euro… And how is this possible? Very easy… if you haven’t tried KaraokeMedia Home yet, we invite you to download it for free by following the link below, free karaoke software for your computer, or by clicking on the image below.

    karaoke singersYes, you heard right! maybe you haven’t realized yet that you may not need to buy karaoke, saving you a lot of money, and how is this possible? you may ask…. Well, it’s very easy because without you knowing it, you may already have the best and most complete karaoke device in your own home and do you know where? right in front of you?
    Your own desktop computer or laptop!

    And how is this possible, it is very easy because with KaraokeMedia Home you can have a whole month of free karaoke to sing without leaving home. All you have to do is register on our website and download our free karaoke software KaraokeMedia Home to start enjoying our entire catalogue (33,000 songs in real sound and HD video in high definition). Among which you can find from children’s genres with songs for children, to classical music. They are available in multiple languages, in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and even Finnish!

    With KaraokeMedia Home you don’t need anything else, save a lot of money and try it for free.

    “With KaraokeMedia Home you don’t need anything else, save a lot of money and try it for free”.

    montar un karaoke

    The option of installing a karaoke programme to sing with a laptop.

    Another valid option to buy karaoke, is to install your own music entertainment system with a conventional laptop computer of normal and common use. However, with average to high technical characteristics in terms of hardware performance. If you really want to control any professional karaoke programme without any problems and also consider it as the basis of your business, it is essential to make a good investment in a good computer.

    Our company offers a wide range of customer solutions in this respect, such as our portable terminal system. This can be installed anywhere in your premises, facilitating the request of songs directly from the table to your customers and thus getting to streamline and improve their work.

    Of course, this system goes hand in hand with KaraokeMedia Pro X, the cornerstone on which virtually all our products are based. You can check it out in our music karaoke software section or on our partner page at the following link:


    karaokemedia pro x

    The KM3 format revolutionised the karaoke industry over a decade ago.

    Number, languages, format and genre of the songs.

    From this point on, our article is merely informative and talks about the different karaoke formats that have existed, etc…

    This point is undoubtedly one of the most important since it is useless to have the best equipment, with the best microphones and the best amplifier if we don’t have a good assortment of tracks or songs to play.

    In this aspect we have several solutions such as buying dvd’s in the macro websites mentioned above, downloading them from the internet fraudulently and breaking copyright rules or buying them legally in specialized shops like our song store, in our shop you will find several formats to choose from depending if you have any of our software versions installed or if on the contrary you simply want the audio or also known as “playback”.

    Remember that with our premium accounts you don’t have to buy any song, you will have access to our entire catalogue. (More than 33.000 songs directly in direct download).

    karaoke singer

    Language variety

    This is another no less important point when buying a karaoke machine. We may be surprised when we receive our equipment and connect it to the mains for the first time, press ON and realise that we only have karaoke music in Spanish. What if your friend asks you for an American 80’s classic? Well, maybe if you spend a few minutes to see what playback formats your new equipment supports, you can check if you can get a DVD with songs in English, French and other languages… Our recommendation will always be that you have one of our accounts because KaraokeMedia will always have the foreign song you are looking for.

    Quantity and formats available.

    Some karaokes come with a wide variety of songs, but we can also find the opposite. On the internet, there are pages that lead you to buy discs without any kind of control and without even telling the buyer if they are compatible or not with the equipment they are buying, be careful with this issue.

    As for the available formats, we can find the ones mentioned above except for the KM3 format, which is exclusive to KaraokeMedia. So if you want to buy a specific song you must go to their shop and buy it or download the Home version of our karaoke software with which you have 40 songs for free. The advantage is that you can buy a single track and not a whole album.

    With Km3 you can buy only the songs you need and not whole albums.

    Different musical genres within the field of karaoke.

    Any good karaoke machine will bring with it a good assortment of musical genres incorporated. In fact, one of the most requested genres in this field is the children’s karaoke genre, which is difficult to find on the DVDs that come with this type of equipment. Another big difference in which we must point to the Km3 as you can have songs for both boys and girls. In the link above you can see the list of songs that we have in Km3 as well as in Mp3 and avi and mpg video.
    And here is our guide to buy a karaoke with guarantees and that meets our expectations either to set up our own business or to sing at home.

    KaraokeMedia is currently developing its own online karaoke shop. Both our registered premium account customers and future customers like you can buy all kinds of related products such as microphones, amplifiers, televisions, complete karaoke sets, etc…