Choose the option that suits you best between OkeBox, the already well known professional karaoke machine for bars, restaurants and event organisers. Or choose OkeBox mini, a touch screen control totem ready to install anywhere in your business. If you are looking for a karaoke booth where your customers can set up their karaoke party, we have our Private Lounge machine where you can sing your favourite karaoke or record a video clip with our professional karaoke equipment with chroma key recording. Enjoy the entire catalogue of KaraokeMedia songs and the latest technology in music electronics. All our machines come equipped with wireless microphones and the best audio systems to provide the best experience. Choose the best option for your business!


Professional karaoke machine

Private Lounge

A private room where your customers can enjoy their private karaoke party and record their performances.

 Karaoke Booth - Okebox Room

Okebox Room

Karaoke booth with video chroma key Okebox room | The voice room

 Karaoke Machine - Okebox


Professional karaoke jukebox for business and events. Complete and functional equipment and easy to transport

 karaoke machine road

Stage Road

The mobile karaoke trailer for your events anywhere.


KaraokeMedia is not only the leader in the sale of karaoke booths in Europe, but also has customers on all continents in more than 152 countries.

At KaraokeMedia, we are manufacturers of the karaoke machines that we offer in our online shop. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the best karaoke experience for our customers, both for kids and adults.

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Each of our karaoke machines uses the best peripherals optimized for karaoke, on the one hand it has installed speakers of the renowned LD brand, this speaker ensures excellent sound quality. With its digital mixer, the sound is output through the USB port, which ensures clear and interference-free transmission so you can sing your favorite songs without interruption. In addition, you can add effects such as echo and reverb. On the other hand, with our state-of-the-art wireless microphone systems, you can forget about cables and sing freely.

Another outstanding feature of our machines is their high image resolution, which offers HD and 4K quality so you can enjoy your karaoke videos in the best possible quality. All our karaoke machines include in their system compatibility with our KM3 format, but also with other formats such as CDG, avi, mp3, mp4,etc. In addition, our machines are illuminated with modern LED lights effects to create a unique disco party atmosphere.

As manufacturers, we are proud to offer the best karaoke machines on the market, with state-of-the-art technology and the best quality in every detail. Buy now your karaoke machine at KaraokeMedia and enjoy the best karaoke experience at home or in your business.