Lighter, more functional

The new improved version of the karaoke program offers improved performance and ease of use, being faster in all its internal processes


Constantly updated

KaraokeMedia Pro X Professional is constantly updated in the background with all the latest karaoke news on the market that we produce ourselves every day.


Your catalog in the cloud

Your customers will be able to view the complete list of all your tracks from the comfort of their hand from the Karaokemedia Listings app.

KaraokeMedia Pro X




KaraokeMedia Pro X software more than meets the needs of any party venue. It is perfect for hotels, nightclubs, discos, campgrounds, etc…

The program KaraokeMedia Pro X is created with the experience of more than 20 years in the world of karaoke applying all our experience and adding that of more than 3,000 managers and KJs of karaoke rooms around the world who advise us and send us their needs daily.

All professionals who have tried it highlight its functionality that together with its advanced graphical interface will end up convincing any professional manager of any party room.

Programa de Karaoke - KaraokeMedia Pro X


We have taken very seriously the proper functioning of the new KaraokeMedia Pro X, focusing above all on the operation of the program so that the user experience is completely reliable avoiding unexpected errors that can ruin your event or party.

In addition, our karaoke software includes extra features such as:

  • Search, download and play any song instantly and without distractions.
  • Adjust the tone of the song to the client’s taste.
  • Advanced ambient music management.
  • Automatic notification of next client through playback queues.

KaraokeMedia Pro X is the professional karaoke software that has been rated for more than 10 years as the best karaoke room management software, check it out!


Forget about annoying books in your karaoke room, now with Remote KaraokeMedia and KaraokeMedia Listings App your customers will be able to request the song they want to sing directly from their table without leaving their chair.

Discover the new KaraokeMedia App, with it your customer can request their favorite songs directly to the DJ of your karaoke club from their own mobile device, without the need to use the obsolete songbooks.
To start using it, simply scan the QR code and it will connect to the song base of your KaraokeMedia Pro X in just a few seconds.

Among the most outstanding features we can find:

  • Save favorite songs with their tone
  • Save your nickname
  • Keep up to date with the latest news such as contests and karaoke events nationally and worldwide.
Listados Karaokemedia APP capture 1
Listados Karaokemedia APP capture 4

Remote KaraokeMedia Pro

Remote is the perfect complement to our professional karaoke program because it allows your customers to select directly from a touch screen the song they want to sing, this screen can be installed on a wall, column or directly perched on the bar of your local.

One of the most successful features of our terminal is the direct display on screen of the latest news without having to have them in possession, ie, your customers will see the entire list of news complete and can also listen to a 30-second demo if you wish to purchase it instantly.

Once your client chooses the song he/she wants to sing, he/she will only have to add his/her name and it will be sent directly to your computer.

And of course, our terminal is available in 6 languages selectable from the main screen for your potential foreign customers.


Minimum requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 5th generation or higher / i3 10th generation or higher
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • Graphics card: Integrated card with TV-out, ATI Radeon 1Gb
  • Sound card: Integrated sound card
  • Hard disk: Hard disk SSD 500 Gb + Hard disk storage for songs as needed
  • Operating system: Windows 10

Recommended requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 9th generation or higher.
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4
  • Graphics card: Dedicated card with TV output, ATI Radeon 4Gb
  • Sound card: Integrated sound card
  • Hard Disk: Hard Disk M2 500 Gb + Hard Disk Storage 2 TB
  • Operating system: Windows 10/11


Forget about paying thousands of euros for karaoke song collections.

With the Premium Pro account you will be able to access our entire karaoke catalog 24 hours a day without time limitation, with all our karaoke songs in exclusive KM3 format with the highest sound quality, the best HD vector graphics and our exclusive TopQuality painting, which includes KaraokeMedia and other associated brands, currently with +20,000 songs available.

Your Premium Pro account includes:

  • Legal licenses for Karaokemedia’s Professional catalogue.
  • More than 20,000 songs in 7 languages ​​of the highest quality and in KM3 format.
  • Weekly karaoke news with automatic download.
  • Direct technical service by phone, telegram or mail.
  • Additional license for App Listings Karaokemedia PRO X. For your customers to order songs without listings, directly from their mobile.
  • 2 Karaokemedia terminal licenses.
  • Without limits. 24 hours a day. Possibility of OFF-LINE mode.
  • Continuous negotiations for the acquisition of new extra catalogs.
  • It does not include a recording module, for that you need the Premium Pro REC account.

With your Premium Pro account you can use the leading software on the market for free, such as Karaokemedia Pro X and Karaokemedia Room

You will need a Premium Pro account to be able to use your purchased OkeBox software licenses (No Recording).


All Premium Pro rates per computer

With monthly and yearly modes. Our premium pro account with more than 20,000 songs available in more than 7 languages. Professional technical support by phone, private telegram group and email.

7 DAY LICENSE : Do you need a complete karaoke solution to organize an event or do you want to fully test the Premium Pro account? Get a full license for 7 days for 49,90 euros.

1 computer

  • Registration +40€
  • Annual since 999,00€ free registration

2 computers

  • Registration +80€
  • Annual since 1998,00€ free registration

3 computers

  • Registration +120€
  • Annual since 2997,00€ free registration

4 computers

  • Registration +160€
  • Annual since 3996,00€ free registration

7 days

49,907 Days - 1 computer
  • One-time payment
  • No monthly fee, for 7 days after contracting


Sound with maximum quality and no waiting time

A continuously updated music catalog with all the latest news on the market.