Singing is a fun and relaxing activity that can uplift your spirits at any time of the day. If you’re a beginner in the world of singing, finding easy to sing spanish songs karaoke that boost your confidence can be challenging. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of 10 easy-to-sing songs in Spanish that you’ll love.

Best easy karaoke songs

Asereje – Las Ketchup

Aserejé” is a song by Las Ketchup, a Spanish pop group that gained fame in 2002. The song is known for its catchy melody and lyrics, which combine Spanish with a fictional language called “aserejé.” It became an international hit and was danced to at parties and clubs around the world. The lyrics are easy to learn and sing, making it an excellent choice for beginners in karaoke. Moreover, the song has an upbeat and fun rhythm, making it perfect for dancing and enjoying in a group. “Aserejé” is a pop music classic and an excellent option for those looking for an easy and fun song to liven up any party or social gathering.

La Gozadera – Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony

“La Gozadera” by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony is a song with Latin rhythms performed by the Cuban group Gente de Zona in collaboration with the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony. The song has a joyful and catchy melody that combines elements of salsa and electronic music. Lyrics invite to celebrate life and Latin culture, with references to emblematic cities like Havana, San Juan, and Caracas. The song features a chorus that is easy to remember and sing, making it an ideal choice for singing in a group and enjoying a party full of energy and fun. Additionally, the song has a moderate tempo and doesn’t require great vocal skills to perform it successfully.

La Tortura – Shakira

“La Tortura” is a song by Shakira featuring Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. It was released in 2005 as the lead single from her sixth studio album “Fijación Oral, Vol. 1”. The song begins with a Spanish guitar that blends with percussion sounds and a catchy melody that remains throughout the song. The lyrics speak about a tormented love, where both protagonists hurt each other. Shakira’s husky and sensual voice blends perfectly with Sanz’s smooth and melodic vocals. It is an easy song to sing thanks to its catchy melody and clear, easy-to-follow lyrics. Additionally, its bachata rhythm and tropical vibe invite you to move your body and dance to the music. The song was a resounding success, both in Latin America and Spain, and became one of Shakira’s biggest hits in her career.

El Amor – Tito El Bambino

“El Amor” by Tito “El Bambino” is a romantic song that stands out for its poetic and emotive lyrics. In it, the singer expresses his feelings of love and gratitude towards his partner, thanking her for the love she gives him and for making him feel complete. The song has a soft and tranquil rhythm that evokes a sense of warmth and tenderness, making it an ideal choice for those looking to sing a romantic ballad in karaoke. Tito “El Bambino’s” smooth and emotive interpretation in the song makes it easy to connect with the lyrics and convey the emotions through the voice.

Limón y Sal de Julieta Venegas

“Limón y Sal” by Julieta Venegas is a pop-rock song that stands out for its cheerful and catchy melody. The song’s lyrics are very simple and revolve around the idea that life can be simple and happy, like a glass of lemon and salt. The song has a smooth rhythm and a warm and sweet voice that make it easy to sing and follow. Melody is very catchy, and it’s highly likely to stay in your head for hours after listening to it. It’s an ideal song to sing in a group, as its simple lyrics and cheerful rhythm make it perfect for singing in any social situation, whether it’s at a karaoke, a party, or a gathering with friends.

No Me Ames – Jennifer Lopez y Marc Anthony

“No Me Ames” is a romantic song by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony that combines pop and ballad in Spanish. The song begins with a slow and emotional introduction, which soon gives way to a more rhythmic and energetic melody. The lyrics of the song are about a couple who, despite being in love, realize that their relationship cannot move forward due to their differences. Throughout the song, Jennifer and Marc explore the complexity of love and relationships, showcasing their vocal abilities in a series of emotional duets. It’s a song that stands out for its emotiveness and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s ability to convey deep and complex feelings through their voices. It’s an ideal song to sing as a duet or dedicate to someone special, and its smooth and melancholic rhythm makes it easy to sing and follow. Don’t miss the salsa version.

La Vida es un Carnaval – Celia Cruz

“La Vida es un Carnaval” is an iconic song by the legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz. It is a salsa song that invites celebration and joy, with lyrics that encourage overcoming difficulties and enjoying life to the fullest. The song begins with a brass arrangement that quickly transforms into a contagious salsa melody that invites dancing and singing. The lyrics, written by Victor Daniel, are an ode to life and carnival, reminding us that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. It is a classic on dance floors around the world, and its message of positivity and celebration continues to resonate today. “La Vida es un Carnaval” is an easy song to sing and follow thanks to its catchy lyrics and danceable rhythm, making it perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

La Playa – La Oreja de Van Gogh

“La Playa” is a song by the Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh, released in 2000. Overall, it could be considered an easy song to sing, thanks to its simple melody and clear, easy-to-follow lyrics. However, as with any song, it all depends on the vocal ability of the person singing it and how well they adapt to its style and rhythm. It has a smooth and relaxed pop-rock rhythm that evokes a feeling of summer and vacations. The lyrics speak of the nostalgia of a past love and the memories that still linger on the beach. The lead singer, Leire Martínez, has a clear and melodic voice, which makes it easy to follow the lyrics and sing the song correctly.

La Mordidita – Ricky Martin

“La Mordidita” is a song with a catchy rhythm that invites you to dance and sing along with its flirtatious and daring lyrics. In it, Ricky Martin sings about the desire and passion he feels for his lover, comparing it to the pleasure of giving them a playful “mordidita” (little bite). The song has a salsa rhythm fused with pop, making it a fun and attractive option for singing in karaoke. Additionally, the collaboration of Cuban rapper Yotuel in the song adds an extra touch of energy and rhythm.

Corazon Contento – Marisol

“Corazón contento” is a popular song that has been performed by various artists, including the Spanish singer Pepa Flores, known artistically as Marisol. Marisol’s version of “Corazón contento” was released in 1970 and became a hit in Spain and Latin America. The song features a distinctive sound from that era, with a combination of pop and folk elements that make it very pleasant to the ear. Marisol’s voice in this song is clear and melodious, with an energetic and optimistic performance that reflects the positive message of the lyrics. The lyrics, on the other hand, talk about the importance of being happy and having a grateful heart, a message that remains relevant to this day. The song has become a Latin music classic and is perfect for livening up any party or gathering.

In summary, if you enjoy this song and feel comfortable with its style and rhythm, “La Playa” could be considered an easy-to-sing song.

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