Virtual Karaokemedia is the latest worldwide exclusive product from Karaokemedia. It is the professional karaoke software of the future already available.

It is a new concept that uses the latest technologies available and makes it possible to create a new dimension in the world of karaoke for entertainment and hospitality venues.

The customer will request his favorite song from the song catalog, through a touch screen located in the venue. When it is his turn, the customer will go on stage, with the background painted in Chroma green, to perform his song.


By means of the new technology, your performance will be recorded in Full HD quality, and the green chroma background will be replaced in real time by dynamic backgrounds created for the occasion, such as a stage with real musicians, a cartoon scene that accompanies you, or several videos created for this purpose with different themes.

The result of the recording will be broadcasted in real time on the local televisions, that is to say, the spectators attending the karaoke, apart from the normal show of a conventional karaoke room, will be able to watch live the personalized video clip that is being created at that very moment on the local televisions.

This recording with the final result, can be given or sold to the client, with the logos of the local or advertising of a potential advertiser, and can be uploaded, if so deemed, to the website or social networks of the local.


Necessary technology and components included:

  • Complete system Karaokemedia Virtual Computer Software.
  • App to list available karaoke songs.
  • Song request totem with computer and touch screen 23,6″ and audio/video connections.
  • OkeBox 400x400w Mixer Amplifier
  • Wifi Router
  • Sound System Bose Loudspeakers for stage monitors
  • Soundcraf UI12 Digital Sound Table
  • Full HD Pro Camera
  • 2 TV Stage 55 inch Full HD TV with wall bracket.
  • 2 Shure SM58 2 microphones
  • Up/Down key mic stands
  • 1 Mini Macintosh computer with integrated video recording software.
  • 2 HDMI usb3 image capturers HDMI video matrix for control of different broadcasts (video letter, final broadcast, DTT, cable etc.)
  • Tablet Sound control for control from the whole room.
  • 2 spotlights Par 36
  • Special Stage Paint Green Chroma Green
  • HDMI splitter 1×2 Automatic control of zero sound in microphones in pauses.
  • Connectors, cabling, displacement and complete on-site installation (Consult).
  • Implementation and rendering of logos in videos.
  • Employee training and technical support during inauguration.


Forget about paying thousands of euros for karaoke song collections.

With the Premium Pro account you will be able to access our entire karaoke catalog 24 hours a day without time limitation, with all our karaoke songs in exclusive KM3 format with the highest sound quality, the best HD vector graphics and our exclusive TopQuality painting, which includes KaraokeMedia and other associated brands, currently with +20,000 songs available.

Your Premium Pro account includes:

  • Legal licenses for Karaokemedia’s Professional catalogue.
  • More than 20,000 songs in 7 languages ​​of the highest quality and in KM3 format.
  • Weekly karaoke news with automatic download.
  • Direct technical service by phone, telegram or mail.
  • Additional license for App Listings Karaokemedia PRO X. For your customers to order songs without listings, directly from their mobile.
  • 2 Karaokemedia terminal licenses.
  • Without limits. 24 hours a day. Possibility of OFF-LINE mode.
  • Continuous negotiations for the acquisition of new extra catalogs.
  • It does not include a recording module, for that you need the Premium Pro REC account.

With your Premium Pro account you can use the leading software on the market for free, such as Karaokemedia Pro X and Karaokemedia Room

You will need a Premium Pro account to be able to use your purchased OkeBox software licenses (No Recording).



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