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FAQ - KaraokeMedia Pro 4

1. What is the KaraokeMedia pro 4? See answer

2. Is it free or do I have to pay? See answer

3. What formats does it play? Do I need to install codec? See answer

4. Can I play Midis and Kar files? See answer

5. Can I use the program with the Premium Account? See answer

6. Can I use the program with the Premium account? See answer

7. Does the program have a demo song? See answer

8. What kind of computer do I need? See answer

9. Can I use it as a touch screen? See answer

10. Can I install it on different computers? See answer

11. Can I adjust the resolution of different monitors? See answer

12. Is it possible to have a computer or telephone for customers to request their songs? See answer

13. Can I use the program on one screen and sing on an additional one? See answer

14. Can I add more monitors? What would be displayed on these monitors? See answer

15. Do I need Internet connection? See answer

16. Is the program in other languages? See answer

17. Can I translate it into my language? See answer

18. Do I need a person monitoring the program all the time? See answer

19. Where are the songs saved? See answer

20. Do I have to download the songs one by one? See answer

21. What happens if I have repeated songs? See answer

22. Can I add my songs? See answer

23. If I introduce an original karaoke disc, would it recognize it? See answer

24. Can I add songs which are not preloaded in the program? See answer

25. What if we have the same song from different brands? See answer

26. What is a multiplex song? See answer

27. Can I manage the multiplex? See answer

28. Can I remove the voice from my original music song? See answer

29. Is it possible to make a list of the songs? See answer

30. Can I make a list of new songs? See answer

31. Can you make a customized catalogue of songs? See answer

32. What is the applause meter? See answer

33. Can I make the program clap when the song ends? See answer

34. Can I regulate different volumes in the songs? See answer

35. Can I tune up and down the songs? See answer

36. What happens if the songs have different volumes? See answer

37. Can I add several songs in the play queue? See answer

38. Can I make a play queue of songs? See answer

39. Can I change the time between one song and another? See answer

40. Is it possible to change the speed of the karaoke song? See answer

41. What do I do if there is someone who is used to singing faster or slower a certain song? See answer

42. What kind management do I have on the playlist? See answer

43. What happens if my computer restarts unexpectedly or it fails? See answer

44. If a client ask me, can I know how many songs are left for him or her to sing? See answer

45. Can I control the exact remaining time until the last song? See answer

46. Can I cancel the automatic reproduction to be the one who decides when a song is played? See answer

47. Can I include pictures or advertising while no one is singing? See answer

48. Is it possible to listen to ambient music when no one is singing? See answer

49. What is the customer management? See answer

50. Can I record my customers while singing? See answer

51. Does the program call the customer? See answer

52. Can I change the call to the customer? See answer

53. Can I know what song was sung on a particular day and time? See answer

54. Can I create statistics of the most sung songs? See answer

55. I would like to know which is the most sung song, is it possible? See answer

56. How can I avoid in my local the same people singing all the time? See answer

57. What is the mailing? See answer

58. Does it have any feature to create ballot requests? See answer

59. When everything is set as I want, can I save a backup? See answer

60. With all these features, will I know how to use it? See answer

61. Can I have a password to restrict the access? See answer

62. How can I know if there are new updates? See answer

63. What kind of technical support do I have if there is any failure? See answer

64. Can I make a playlist apart from the main one? See answer

65. Is it possible to design the reserve list? See answer

66. Do you have a question which is not here? See answer


We are a company in the audiovisual sector with an experience of more then 20 years in the world of music and karaoke. We produce our own songs and we develop our software exclusively designed for both professionals and individuals. Thank you for your visit, the KaraokeMedia team.



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