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All about the karaoke songs

This section explains in detail what are the karaoke songs , how they are made and why they are so popular. In addition to keep it updated with the top 10 and the last added to our catalogue.





The song:

Defining karaoke song: "Audio track in digital audio format, video format or both that ignores the voice of the master artist and gives the opportunity to fill that space with our own voice. As an extra can incorporate choirs."
karaoke songs do not need to incorporate video and it could be sung only with its audio. Nevertheless, the incorporation of video karaoke makes it a much more attractive recreational activity for the general public since it can incorporate many graphic backgrounds and animated images, landscapes, video effects and a wide range of choices limited only by the creativity of the creator of the song.


Subtitles and coloured lyrics:

Subtitles play an important role in karaoke songs and they are the ones that indicate the tempo of the main voice. Without these subtitles it would be more difficult to follow the point where our voice must be in every moment of the song.

They are represented by a coloured letter as shown in the attached image in this section of the article. The font color should contrast with the background, being a very practical solution on many occasions to draw the letter with a thick line (approximately 6 points in Photoshop) to get the perfect contrast with the background, achieving this wat an exact and comfortable viewing.

Another solution is to blur the bottom of the video or image with a gradient solid color for the letter to stand out in another color, so we will avoid using the drawing above explained and then being able to use a thinner design or typography, like those that Google makes available in its section of web fonts for use .


Karaoke formats:

There are many video and audio formats that support today the world of karaoke songs but not all of them are specialized, since a karaoke file requires more than a simple MP3 or WMV audio file type.

The popular video formats such as AVI or MPEG are not entirely appropriated either due to its weight, as the karaoke, in terms of professional use and pubs, theatres and nightclubs, needs a quick and reliable response. Regarding this strong demand we began to investigate about a format that best meet all audio but which in turn it could ne sung with video and at the same time it could have the smallest size to make its downloading easier... At first this seems impossible but KaraokeMedia made it real with its well-known KM3 format, which is briefly described in the next section of this article. You can find thousands of songs in this format in your Official Store .


The ultimate karaoke format:

Introducing the video and audio KM3 format developed by our company, which has revolutionized the world of karaoke, since, as mentioned above, it can provide in less than the blink of an eye any item on our list of songs reducing the conventional songs that occupy about 50 mob approximately to about 3 to 5 mob.

And how is this possible? It is very easy, thanks to our professional karaoke software which incorporates standard images and letters, enabling the local mixture, not online, and downloading only the audio file and not a full video. This is accomplished of course by the high level of synchronization of KaraokeMedia Pro and also by the coloured letter.

Therefore we are talking about a (A 3) synchronization Image + Audio + Lyrics = .KM3

Different uses:

The karaoke songs are mainly used to sing but it has other uses such as accompanying soundtrack to a TV advertisement or for example for a radio jingle.

At parties and everything related to leisure, its use is varied since both clubs can be found through such a OkeBox and karaoke rooms worldwide. At our friend's home or in any recreational event.

To sum up, karaoke songs give us the chance to show our creative side as they allow us to sing, to use them for accompanying a video editing or as far as your imagination can go.

We hope this article on karaoke songs have been explained in full detail what a karaoke song is for all those users who have never sung in a room or have never seen OkeBox or how a song works.

You can find further information about the karaoke and Karaoke World Championship which we are organizers in Spain in the next Wikipedia link .


We are a company in the audiovisual sector with an experience of more then 20 years in the world of music and karaoke. We produce our own songs and we develop our software exclusively designed for both professionals and individuals. Thank you for your visit, the KaraokeMedia team.



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