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1. What types of formats are available? See answer

2. What is a KM3? See answer

3. What is an mp3? See answer

4. In what formats are the videos available ? See answer

5. Is it real music or midi? See answer

6. Why do they have different prices? See answer

7. How can I download songs? See answer

8. How long can I download songs? See answer

9. What is the quality of the songs? See answer

10. Can I record the songs on an external drive? See answer

11. Can I use the songs in a public place? See answer

12. I have formatted my computer and I have not saved the songs, what can I do? See answer

13. Can I change the format of the songs? See answer

14. Can I listen to the songs before buying them? See answer

15. Can I print the lyrics of the songs? See answer

16. Copyright, use and licenses. See answer

17. Can I suggest songs to include them in your catalogue? See answer

18. Can I get a customized song? See answer

19. What price would a composition have? See answer

20. Can I have songs with only music, without vocals? See answer

21. Do the songs have guiding voice? See answer

22. What are the extra packages? See answer

23. What does adding balance mean? See answer

24. Can I pay my order with my account balance? See answer

25. What is the gifted balance? See answer

26. What can I buy with the gifted balance? See answer

27. What criteria are used in expanding its catalogue? See answer

28. What backgrounds do the songs? See answer

29. Can I change the backgrounds of the songs? See answer

30. How can you pay for the songs? See answer

31. Do you have any question not listed here? See answer


We are a company in the audiovisual sector with an experience of more then 20 years in the world of music and karaoke. We produce our own songs and we develop our software exclusively designed for both professionals and individuals. Thank you for your visit, the KaraokeMedia team.



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