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FAQ - Premium Account

1. What is a Premium account and what advantages does it have? See answer

2. Where can I contract the Premium Account? See answer

3. Where can I use my account? See answer

4. Can I download all the songs? See answer

5. Does it have a limit use ? How long can I use it? See answer

6. What happens if I exceed hours of use? See answer

7. How can I see the remaining time of my subscription? See answer

8. Is the limitation of hours of access per computer or per account? See answer

9. What formats does the using time compute? See answer

10. When is the time of use reset? See answer

11. Can I change my account to Premium Pro Premium? See answer

12. Can I use the Premium account for professional use? See answer

13. How can I pay the Premium account? See answer

14. Can I pay the Premium account with my account balance? See answer

15. I have no card to pay the bill, how can I do it? See answer

16. What happens if I don't have money in my account when the bill has to be payed? See answer

17. Do I have any kind of permanence? See answer

18. What does having a subscription mean? See answer

19. How do I cancel my subscription? See answer

20. What happens when I cancel my subscription? See answer

21. Do I need Internet connection? See answer

22. Can I use dual monitor? See answer

23. Apart from this, what else do I need to start singing? See answer

24. How many computers can I install my Premium account on? See answer

25. Can I install my account on a third or fourth computer? See answer

26. Can I delete a computer to install it on another one? See answer

27. What if the Premium account does not work on my computer? See answer

28. How often are songs updated? See answer

29. How many available songs do I have? See answer

30. What kind of songs are there included¿? classic, modern ones? See answer

31. I would like to sing songs which are not in the catalogue, can I ask for them? See answer

32. Do I have to pay royalties and publishers or producers in my local? See answer

33. How many languages do I have to sing? See answer

34. Do you any question not listed here? See answer


We are a company in the audiovisual sector with an experience of more then 20 years in the world of music and karaoke. We produce our own songs and we develop our software exclusively designed for both professionals and individuals. Thank you for your visit, the KaraokeMedia team.



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